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Pierogi Soup...Mini Pierogies Make This Delicioius and Easy Soup recipe

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Don't you ever get sick of pierogies??? 

People ask me this all of the time...and you know what I tell them? No, I don't...EVER! I live and 

die pierogies and I could literally eat them at EVERY. single. meal. You know why? Because I find 

fun and inventive ways to prepare and serve them to my family. That way, they never give me the 

eye roll when I say PIEROGI TIME!

To illustrate this...other day I was staring into the abyss that was my freezer. I was so sick of food.

Literally, SICK. of. food. You know the feeling right?  You have eaten every kind of sweet, 

indulgent and high calorie food that you are presented with during the holiday season.  Your 

stomach clenches when you think about eating another {fill in the blank}. So, standing there 

contemplating what to cook for dinner, I thought to myself..."Janet, what is something light that is 

good in this frigid weather but that doesn't strain my overworked budget from the holidays"?  Yes 

really talk to myself like this...Don't judge me ;-)

Then it came to me...


Okay, I wasn't THAT excited about it...and sure, there are probably people that I know that are 

smarter than me, but soup is pretty good, right?  Good for you, packed with veggies and all sorts 

of herbs and spices.  The broth so warm and cozy as it spills down your throat and warms you up 

from the inside out.  I for one, love soup and it doesn't have to be complicated.  You don't have 

to spend all day chopping and draining and simmering...and and and...so on and so forth.

AND... (had to do it sorry)

Because the wheels in my head are always turning (much to the dismay of my business partner 

aka my mom) and because I had no noodles or potatoes to go into this delicious soup...I decided 

to...WAIT FOR IT...add pierogies!  "SHUT UP JANET"! they said.  "THAT'S JUST CRAZY 

TALK"! They said.  Okay, hear me out on this one...I know it's a little unorthodox, but when have 

we ever shied away from different?  If you've bought our product before, or have stopped by 

our booth at Crocker Park during the summer market, you know that we lean a little towards  

different.  I think that is what makes Mom's Pierogies so unique. Think about our pierogi 

sandwich, or the fried mac n cheese pierogi...people thought that those were crazy ideas at 

first too, but now they are 2 of our biggest market sellers.  Plus, I think doing things a little 

different is fun!  So in the spirit of fun!  Onward and Upward!!!  To my creation....


...and because I am sharing this awesome recipe with my family, I thought I would share it with 

you guys too...since you all are like my family too!  And, I wholeheartedly appreciate ALL of you 

awesome peeps.

So here is what I did to concoct this ultra amazing, ultra ridiculously good Pierogi Soup...  


What you'll need:

6 Mom's Pierogies mini Potato and Caramelized Onion pierogies  

(also known as our French onion soup pierogi)

2 cans chicken broth

1 chicken breast

2 whole carrots

2 stalks celery

1 small onion

2 cups water

You'll notice that I have more ingredients pictured than what is called for in the recipe...that's 

because I had company and I needed to feed a hungry crowd. So I just doubled up on the 


I started off by boiling the chicken breast in the 2 cups of water (10-15 minutes).

Then, I removed the chicken and let it cool.

Once cooled, I diced it up, returned it to the pot along with sliced carrots, chopped celery,

chopped onion, and 2 cans of chicken broth.

When vegetables were almost done I added the Potato and Caramelized onion pierogies to

the pot to thaw/warm. Cook until simmer, about 5 minutes.

(These Pierogies are mini ones that we custom made for a customer of ours. They are not on the

menu, but you can customize any pierogi orders to your liking.)  :-)

Add salt and pepper to taste. I also added kale and Parmesan cheese to this batch...just

because I was feeling a bit frisky! You can add or subtract any ingredients to accommodate your

tastes buds. 

This soup was a BIG hit!  No leftovers (tear)

Until the next time peeps...Enjoy!!!!

(Below you can find the full recipe).

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